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Website Management Services

Website ManagementWebsite Management is all about the content.

Keeping your website well maintained and updated is not the only thing that requires constant attention. Content and design updates keep your site fresh and focused. Online marketing strategies and ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensure that customers discover your business online. Updates and new products are essential to eCommerce websites.

A website management plan is an ongoing service to keep the website content and products up-to-date. This usually includes changes to page layouts, adding or editing written content, adding or changing photos and other digital media, adding new products to your eCommerce store.

Website management needs will vary depending on the complexity of your website. Some websites are fairly static and require little content management. Others will require almost daily or weekly content management, especially some eCommerce websites. Websites that are not kept up to date with fresh content can loose ranking on Google. Analytics and SEO monitoring and updates will be necessary to maintain your position on the internet.


BizSmartWeb Website Support Service

The last thing you probably want to do is spend time away from your busy schedule dealing with routine content and product updates.  Don’t Worry! We help you keep your content current and fresh by providing a website Management plan that keeps your website content up to date. One of the most important parts of owning and operating a website is keeping it fresh and relevant. 


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Reliable & Professional Website Management Services

Your website matters to your business and you need to know it’s being professionally managed. A website manager is often referred to as a webmaster. An expert website manager will become a valued asset to your business allowing you to focus on managing the business while we take care of your internet presence. We manage website content, hosting functions, platform maintenance and performance optimization.

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There is a long list of tasks that should be done to keep your website content fresh and your images up to date and the website user friendly. The most time consuming of these tasks are managing updates to your eCommerce store. 

BizSmartWeb Website Management Services includes the following tasks as needed


Written Content Updates

As your business changes with time you will need to add, delete or edit your written content.

Digital Content Updates

Having current photographs and other digital content helps to keep your website fresh and current. 



Product Updates

Editing, adding or deleting products from your eCommerce store can be time consuming, Let us take care of it.


Manage Online Store

Keeping track of inventory, pricing changes, shipping settings, payment options and order notifications.

Performanc Analysis

We will use Google Analytics and other services to monitor the performance of your website and make improvements as necessary.


Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process to ensure that your presence on Google and other Search Engines ranks well for your website.


Layout Modifications

As you make changes to your business you may need to update the layout of your website to accommodate new services or products.

Add or Update Forms

Over time your business will need to add, delete or edit your contact form, sign-up forms or other forms keeping them fresh and current.

Limitations – Changes to content will not include a redesign of the website or major additions. This will be priced separately.


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Having A well designed website is absolutely crucial for the success of a small business in today’s competitive market place. Small business owners may feel they don’t need a website or that it’s too much work and a waste of money. However, now more and more business owners realize that having a website is a necessity and offers a great advantage over those that rely strictly on Social Media.

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