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Website Design Services

Responsive Website Design BizSmartWeb uses the WordPress Platform with Elegant Themes to Design and Build Your Website.

Your Website will become a Conversion Focused, Visitor Friendly, Searchable, Lead Generating, Workhorse for your Business.

We use the WordPress platform to build your website. WordPress powers about one third of all websites on the internet.  It is widely known as the most user-friendly website platform.  It is secure, very SEO friendly and widely supported.

WordPress is a content management system with a back-end control panel where you can login and make edits and changes to the website content.  

We pair a Theme by Elegant Themes with WordPress and allows even more flexibility with the use of additional CSS code. Our primary Theme is DIVI which allows for unique wire-frame layouts that aid in creating a custom website unique to your business.

WordPress and DIVI work great with an e-commerce platform using a plugin called wooCommerce which is actually a plugin produced by WordPress. BizSmartWeb specializes in WordPress e-commerce design & development built on a DIVI Theme using wooCommerce.  Whether you’re selling a dozen products or thousands of products, we can work with you to build your online store!

WordPress and DIVI Themes is a great fit for the small business websites. Together they are very flexible and can be configured to do just about anything.

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BizSmartWeb Services Include Custom Website Design Solutions for your Small Business. Here is just some of our work.

BizSmartWeb Features these additional Services Included with Website Design as needed.

Conversion Focused Design

chart line iconOur Business Smart website design solutions can leverage the power of the web to your advantage. We utilize persuasive design and psychological trigger strategies as a means to increase visitors focus. This also helps convert all those new visitors on your page into qualified leads. Resulting in valuable ongoing sales and increased profits. Whether you’re building from scratch or looking to overhaul– we can help.

Responsive Design

smt2 phonelink icon Responsive Website Design ensures that your website will display correctly on any device, computer, laptop, pad, tablet or smartphones. Today over 60% percent of global web traffic originates from mobile devices. Up from 50 percent in the previous year. This trend will continue so it is more important than ever to be able to display your website correctly on a mobile device.


Free Consultation

ConsultationThe first step in developing your website is our FREE Consultation. The key to all our successful projects is effective collaboration through communication. Therefore we start every project by getting together with our client to understand your business and what it is you hope to accomplish with the website. It is important that we get to know the feel, style and goals of your business. We will discuss the design process and go over any concerns that you may have. We also want to understand your competition and what it will take to put your business on top.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy Developing a strategy for presenting the content of your website is one of the first steps in the process. We will work with you to determine what is needed as far as the number of pages, images, textual content. Then, we will consider other features that may be necessary to accomplish your needs. We will try to get into the minds of your ideal customer to establish a connection. We will create an engaging flow for the visitor that is the focus of converting your potential customers to paying customers.



BrandingBranding is a powerful way to influence perception and behavior of consumers. Positive branding is key to the success of a small business. Whether your marketing efforts start with just a logo, expand into a print advertising, or become a Web presence, your brand needs to remain “consistent”. We can also help with designing your LOGO.

Local Website Design

smc website 1 icon Your website is a critical component of your marketing strategy. Our Business Smart local website design solutions can leverage the power of the web on a local level. Hence, reinforce your brand and most importantly build new customers. Our SEO can focus on making sure you local business shows up on Google searches.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO SEO or Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your site for content, keywords, format, speed and other factors that affect the results of search engines like Google. Local website design SEO is important to help drive potential customers to your site. It takes time, focus, patience and experience to execute a well thought out strategy that will bring results.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Social media and your Website should work seamlessly together to promote your brand. Use of Social media provides a way to stay connected with an audience on a routine basis. It is an effective means of communication that allows businesses to promote their brand. Use it to develop a personality, and reach out to existing and potential customers.



Shopping CartIf you are interested in selling products on your website we offer an eCommerce integrated solution. Whether you are selling 10 or 1,000 items our professional and secure eCommerce website will work for you. It provides you with a fully integrated on-line store and shopping cart for your products and gives you the ability to manage it.


Payment Portal

Pay Portal A payment portal or gateway is a secure merchant service that provides a means for you to accept payments via credit card or a payment service provider such as PayPal. The payment portal may be provided by a bank or other financial service provider. This can be integrated into your website therefore allowing you to get paid online.

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Having A well designed website is absolutely crucial for the success of a small business in today’s competitive market place. Small business owners may feel they don’t need a website or that it’s too much work and a waste of money. However, now more and more business owners realize that having a website is a necessity and offers a great advantage over those that rely strictly on Social Media.

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Website Design Services

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