Website Design Process

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Website Design Process

Biz Smart Web Design is committed to creating a visually appealing and user friendly website. A well designed mobile ready, conversion focused website that will help your business be successful and continue to grow.

We build your website using the WordPress platform and elegant themes technology and SEO Search Engine Optimazation tools. Biz Smart will work closely with you to achieve your specific website needs.

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Website Design Process

BizSmartWeb - Our Design and Development Process

The design and development process uses the latest programs and platforms available to enhance the look and performance of your website. Our custom-built websites are user friendly, easy to navigate, mobile ready, and optimized for search engines and performance.  We start the process with a FREE consultation, learn about your business, and determine what website design will work best for your needs.  After the consultation we will provide you with a written proposal that details what is included and what the cost will be. Once approved BizSmartWeb will work closely with you to complete the website design and launch your new website. After Launch BizSmartWeb will always be available to assist you and manage your website if needed. We look forward to working closely with you to design a website that will meet your needs and help your business grow.


Initial Free Consultation

comments iconThe BizSmartWeb Website Design process starts with a Free Consultation.  We want to hear about your business, what your website needs are and how we can help create a new website that works for you.

Our goal is to listen to you, and get to know enough about your business to present you with the best solution for your website. We will ask questions, lots of questions and take notes.

l can come out to your business, look around, ask questions, get to know you and gain a better understanding of how your business operates.


Business and website analysis

chart line iconBiz Smart Website Design will take the time to research your business understand your needs. We will define your target audience, identify your competitors and establish the demographics in your market area. This will help us determine your needs and develop a strategy and a budget for your website. This is an important part of the website design process.

Your business is unique, and our job is to recommend the best course of action for your website, hosting, marketing, and website management requirements. We will develop a scope of work and a plan tailored to your specific needs and submit a proposal with pricing for your approval.


Development and production

chart line icon Once the proposal is accepted we will get to work registering your domain name, setting up hosting, and building your website. You can trust us to do what we know how to do, setup, host, build and manage websites. I will install the software, framework, plugins and customization’s necessary to make it work.

We will communicate often regarding written content, images, products, and so on as necessary. Best of all I will build it so that if you want, it will be easy for you to update and make minor changes, or you can leave all that up to us.

You will always be kept in the loop. There will be reviews and proofs along the way giving you the opportunity to make approvals, changes or edits as necessary.


Completion and Launch

chart line icon After we have completed your website, we will schedule a final review. If necessary we will make any last minute edits. Once approved, we launch your brand new custom designed website that looks great on your phone or computer. We will go over all of the details such as login and password information and show you how to manage and edit the content of your website as needed. For eCommerce websites we will show you how to manage the Store, add new product, change pricing etc.

Biz Smart Website Design will remain available to answer any questions and help you maintain your website as needed.


Maintenance and Website Management

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Your new website is now live, but your business is changing every day! The best changes are due to growth and your focus on managing your business. BizSmartWeb is here to provide you with worry free maintenance and management services on your website.

Our hosting, maintenance and management plans includes  dedicated support that will work with you on updates, maintenance, and managing the content of your website and eCommerce store. All websites are not created equally and will require different levels of maintenance and management depending of their complexity and the website management abilities of the client. We will go over all of this during the consultation and analysis process


Are You Ready?

Let us know what you need, we will schedule a Free Consultation, go over our website design process and provide you with a detailed proposal!

Biz Smart Website Design Services

Some of the Services we offer include help with Logo Design, setting up Social Media, adding eCommerce, creating Custom Forms and Payment Portals.

We also offer a very competitive Hosting Maintenance and Management Program.

Our Websites are Hosted with SiteGround, under our Agency Account.

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Having A well designed website is absolutely crucial for the success of a small business in today’s competitive market place. Small business owners may feel they don’t need a website or that it’s too much work and a waste of money. However, now more and more business owners realize that having a website is a necessity and offers a great advantage over those that rely strictly on Social Media.

Still not sure how having a website will help you grow your business?

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Website Design Process

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