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Biz Smart Website Design Process

Biz Smart Web Design is committed to creating a visually appealing and user friendly website. A well designed mobile ready, conversion focused website that will help your business be successful and continue to grow.

We build your website using the WordPress platform and elegant themes technology and SEO Search Engine Optimazation tools. Biz Smart will work closely with you to achieve your specific website needs.

Our Web Design offers a variety of products, plugins and add-ons to help customize your website. Such as, Payment Portals, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Integration, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds directly on your website. If their is something specific that you need just let us know.

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Website Design Process

Biz Smart Website Design and Development

The website design process uses the latest programs and platforms available to enhance the look and performance of your website. Our custom-built websites are easy to manage, edit and update your content, your eCommerce store, and more. We will always be available to assist you if needed. Biz Smart Web Design looks forward to working closely with you to design a website that will meet your needs and help your business grow.


comments icon Biz Smart Website Design process starts with a Free Consultation,  We want to hear about your business, what your website needs are and how we can help create a new website that works for you. We can go over how we can improve your current website. I could  maybe run some tests and take a look at everything before we meet so our time is productive.


analysis icon Biz Smart Website Design will take the time to research your business understand your needs. We will define your target audience, identify your competitors and establish the demographics in your market area. This will help us determine your needs and develop a strategy and a budget for your website. This is an important part of the website design process.

I’ll come out to your business, look around, ask questions and get to know who might provide help in writing some engaging content for your new site. I’ll bring my camera and take some photos if necessary.


Let’s Talk


wordpress icon This is when we get to work building your website. You trust us to do what we know how to do, build websites. We will communicate often regarding written content, images, products, pricing, and so on as necessary. I install the software, framework, plugins and customization to make it work. Best of all I build it so that if you want, it will be easy for you to update and make minor changes.

There will be reviews along the way giving you the opportunity to make changes or edits as necessary.


Let’s Do This


rocket icon Once we have completed your website, we will schedule a final review. Then we will make any last minute edits. Once approved, we launch your brand new custom designed website that looks great on your phone or computer. We will go over all of the details such as login and password information and show you how to manage and edit the content of your website as needed. For eCommerce websites we will show you how to manage the Store, add new product, change pricing etc.

Biz Smart Website Design will remain available to answer any questions and help you maintain your website as needed.

Get Started

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Let us know what you need, we will schedule a Free Consultation, go over our website design process and provide you with an Estimate!

Biz Smart Website Design Services

Some of the Services we offer include help with Logo Design, setting up Social Media, adding eCommerce, and Payment Portals.

We Offer a very competitive Hosting and Maintenance Program. FREE for the 1st year!

Don't Egnore Potential Customers

Having A well designed website is crucial for the success of a small business in today’s competitive market place.

Still not sure how having a website will help you grow your business?

Recent Work

These are a few of the projects that we have completed or still in progress.

These Local Website Designs range from a Basic Informative website like the Website you are on to more complex Advanced Informative and eCommerce websites.


Shop Local Shop Small

Shop Small Local Directory

Shop Local Shop Small

Shop Local Shop Small

Google 5.0

Great Website Design, Directory Listings are complicated and this works perfect. If you want a great website; contact Biz Smart Local Website Design.
Ray Dominey

Owner, Shop Local Shop Small


Art Galleries of St. Augustine

Art Galleries of St Augustine

AGOSA Logo 3X3 100

Google 5.0

Ray Dominey and Biz Smart Web Design did a Great job on our website. The Facebook and Instagram Feeds are fantastic. Highly recommended!


Board Member

President, Art Galleries of St Augustine

Mission Fit Meals Website 1

Mission Fit Meals

Mission Fit Meals

Mission Fit Meals

Google 5.0

I want to give the BIGGEST and best review to Biz Smart Website Design!

Ray Dominey went above and beyond for the past few months creating my website from NOTHING.
He did research and gave my vision MORE than what I could see for myself and my business!

He created something so beautifully to share with the world, what I never would have been able to do on my own…

Over the past few years of building my business, this has by far been the BEST decision I could have ever made and the BEST investment.

Thanks Ray.
For your dedication to me, my business and doing everything you promised and MORE!


Kristi Emmet

Owner, Mission Fit Meals, LLC

Affinity Five Logo Small

Google 5.0

Great web design, consultation, and problem solving. If you want a great website; connect with Biz Smart Web Design!


Tony Caico

Owner, Affinity Five Search Group

Lawn Medic Logo 2X2

Google 5.0

Biz Smart Web Design is amazing! The website they created for me is top notch. I highly recommend them!


Ralph Valle

Owner, Lawn Medic

Our Biz Smart Local Website Designs range from what we refer to as a Basic Informative website design to a more Advanced Informative website design and eCommerce websites. An example of a Basic Informative website is much like our website. This is a basic 3 page website that tells visitors who you are, what you do and where you do it.

A good example of an Advanced Informative site would be much like the Art Galleries of St. Augustine website. This local website design incorporates a Facebook News Feed, lists of it members with links and maps. Another example is the Affinity Five Executive Search website that used application forms with the ability to upload resumes and other documents.

Our eCommerce websites use a “Shopping Cart” and allow you to manage the products shown on the website along with pricing and shipping information. The Shop Local Shop Small website is an example of an ecommerce website with other advanced options that allow customers to join a directory to display their business.

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