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Two small business owners walk into a bar in Jacksonville.


They each order a shot of  Irish Whiskey and make a toast to celebrate opening their new businesses. “Sláinte”.


A couple years later, these same two business owners walk into the bar again, and each order a shot of Irish Whiskey. 


The first guy downs his whiskey and says to the second one “I’ve had a good year. I just hired a few more employees and bought another truck!”


The second guy downs his whiskey, orders another one, downs it, and says to the first guy “I’ve had a lousy year. I had to lay off my employees, sell my truck and closed my business.”


The first guy got a website from Biz Smart Web Design Jacksonville when he first opened his business.  The website was a modern mobile ready design that showcased his business and promoted his products. He kept it current and informative, integrated social media and optimized it for local Jacksonville area search results.


The second guy relied only on word of mouth, directory listings, social media, a free Google website and ads in the local paper.


By the end of the first year, the first guys website was generating new leads and building new customers on a regular basis.

 The second guy never generated much momentum. His directory listings and social media reach declined. No one could find his free google website. Nobody was reading the local papers. Eventually any new leads dried up.


Don't be the second guy . . .

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Biz Smart Web Design Jacksonville, Orange Park, St Augustine is committed to creating a visually appealing and user friendly website. A website that is well designed, mobile ready, and conversion focused to help your business be successful and continue to grow.

We build your website using the WordPress platform and elegant themes technology and tools. Biz Smart will work closely with you to achieve your specific website needs.

Our Web Design offers a variety of products, plugins and add-ons to help customize your website. Such as, Payment Portals, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Integration, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds directly on your website. If their is something specific that you need just let us know.